Podcasts 2016

American Sci-Fi Classics Track 2016: The Podcasts

Every year, the American Sci-Fi Classics Track puts on panels that provide more fun than humans should legally be allowed. Thanks to the podcasters and other space age whiz kids who populate our track, you can journey back into the archives of awesomeness. Return with us now to the thrilling days of a few months ago– check out hours and hours of Classic Track panels from 2016!

Challenge of the Super Nerds!

Challenge of the Super Nerds is a trivia game, and it’s also a delivery system for geeky gewgaws and nerdy knick-knacks straight from our attics, our shelves, and our storage boxes — straight to you. As always, we invited audience members to clean off their own shelves and bring in cool stuff to give away as prizes.

Everyone at Challenge of the Super Nerds wins something. Whether you like it or not. (Watch out for Hulk cologne.)

Escape From the Planet of the Apes

The third Planet of the Apes movie was the only one with Ricardo Montalban, to our everlasting regret.

It also had BABY MILO, YOU GUYS.

METAL RULES: The Shared History of Rock, Sci-Fi, and Fantasy

Take a holy dive into the history of heavy metal and its ties to sci-fi.

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Reunion

We hosted a reunion of old school Power Rangers Austin St. John (Jason, Red Ranger), David Yost (Billy, Blue Ranger), and Robert Axlerod (the voice of Lord Zedd). Just a few months later, there was a brand-new Power Rangers movie. Coincidence?

The Heroic History of GI Joe: A Real American Hero With Larry Hama

Comic book legend Larry Hama, who created the identities for the characters of the 1980s GI Joe, held court about the Real American Heroes.

Wonder Woman: The 75th Anniversary

Legendary Wonder Woman artist and writer George Perez joins us to celebrate the legacy and the history of the Amazing Amazon.

Superhero-Versary: 75 Years of Aquaman, Plastic Man, Green Arrow, and The JSA

Every year we celebrate the anniversaries of some of our favorite superheroes. This year, it was Aquaman’s turn. And Plastic Man. And Green Arrow. And the Justice Society.

Watchmen: 30 Years, 35 Minutes Ago

Deep discussion about the classic comic book. Farewell, sweet Bubastis.

Needless Things Presents: Toy Stories!

Panelists and audience members engage in lively discussions about the coolness of our favorite toys. Tales of Masters of the Universe, GI Joe, and creepy ‘80s toys share the spotlight this time around.

Truly Outrageous: Female Heroes of Classic Sci-Fi

One of our favorite panels every year, where our awesome panelists explore the influence, representation, and fun of our favorite female heroes.

Video Bonus! RetroBlasting: ThunderCats, Silverhawks, and Tigersharks Part 1

You’ve listened long enough! Now the video wizards at RetroBlasting take you on a way-out trip to meet cat people and cyborg hillbillies.

And here’s the thrilling conclusion!

Video Bonus! RetroBlasting: ULTIMATE ‘80S NINJAS.

You deserve this panel. It’s about time you did something for YOU.

Classic Track Irregulars: The Podcasts

Check out all the purveyors of these fine podcasts live on the Classic Track, and all year round right here:

Needless Things

The RevolutionSF RevCast

Rad Ranger’s Radical RadCast


Views From The Longbox

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