Podcasts 2015

Pass the Sour Milk: An Alien Nation Celebration

Shaun Rosado from Shauncastic wanted to talk about this excellent show.

With this and Terry Farrell, we had a big year for aliens with spots.

This Is Heavy: The Science of Back to the Future

Yes, you can apply actual science to Back to the Future, Mr. or Mrs. Smarty-Pants reading this description.

Fantastic Four: The Fantastic Tale of the Unreleased Movie

When we did this panel, we were going to watch the movie, too. Then I couldn’t find the DVD I brought with me of the never-released FF movie. But there’s no better location than a con to need another copy of that. I found a new copy at the dealers room — in about five minutes. We watched it with a crowd, which I highly recommend.

Female Heroes of Classic Sci-Fi

This year Terry Farrell, Jadzia Dax from Star Trek: Deep Space Nine appeared on the panel this year. No big deal. We totally didn’t freak out.

Highlander: The Surprise Panel

RevSF podcast genius Tegan Hendrickson made a snap decision to put on an impromptu Highlander TV series panel. So she did. People sang the TV theme song. It is glorious.

Anomaly Podcast Presents: Xena’s 20th Anniversary

Check out the incredible Xena cosplayers at the link. Also the actual podcast, which also rules.(The Anomaly Podcast doesn’t do any other kind.)

RetroBlasting Presents: Voltron Anniversary

Video bonus! Melinda and Michael, the learned individuals who host RetroBlasting hosted this celebration of Voltron.

And here’s part 2.

RetroBlasting Presents:
80s Cartoons: One-Season Wonders

Another video bonus!

part 2.

And here’s the thrilling conclusion.

That totals a whole hour of discussion about Turbo Teen.

Ah, I can but dream. They also talk about Chuck Norris Karate Kommandos.


This year was the anniversary of Total Recall and True Lies, so we talked about Schwarzenegger, along with William Stout, production designer of Conan the Destroyer and Red Sonja.

Superhero-versary: 75th Anniversary of Robin, Shazam & The JSA

1940 was a big year for superheroes. Not for reality. We discuss all the heroes who debuted and I talk about my Spectre action figure.

Toy Stories

We shared reminiscences about the playthings we grew up with. Each speaker will present a tale attached to a specific toy from their life.
Discussions include Voltron, the Batmobile, and other excellent items.

Classic Sci-Fi Roll-A-Panel

For all the movies and TV shows we did not have time to do panels on this year, we rolled a giant 20-sided die. We did a lightning round of 20 panels in one hour.

All the Podcasts

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