Podcasts 2013

The American Sci-Fi Classics Track counts among our legions a gaggle of podcasters, because recording things on an audio gizmo is just a salute to when we taped episodes of GI Joe and Manimal on audio cassette by sitting a tape recorder really close to the TV.

As recordings from our incredibly fun 2013 schedule are posted, you will find links to them here.

Kung-Fu Grip: Action Figures &Toys From 1970s to 1990s:

From the hole in Steve Austin’s head to the onslaught of 80s toys, and more fun. Gary Mitchel, Phantom Troublemaker. Check it all out here!

Earth Station One Goes Classic Sci-Fi:

Strap yourselves into the Geek Seat and be part of this live podcast performance. Bobby Nash, Michael Gordon, Mike Faber, Jennifer Hartshorn, Joe Crowe. Check it out here!

Masters of the Universe : 30 Years of The Power

The power of Grayskull compels you to celebrate the toys, the Lundgren movie, the cartoons, and the green tiger. William Stout; Phantom Troublemaker, Beau Brown, Gary Mitchel. Listen to it here!

GI Joe Anniversary: Celebrating Is Half the Battle

Earn major flag points at this tribute to the cartoon, the toys, and the MASS Device. Bobby Nash; Phantom Troublemaker, Gary Mitchel. Check it out here!